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Anyone obsessed with pirates in general, along with their exciting but hard lives and accompanying fashion statements, will be interested to learn more about pirate accessories and costumes . . .

The characters have been so popularized by Disney’s beloved movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean that it has become very cool to be into pirates again.


Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat With Beaded Braids Adult

Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat With Beaded Braids Adult


Is the image of the colorful pirate Captain Jack Sparrow at all grounded in reality and history, or is he simply a figment of Disney and pop culture’s collective imaginations?

While it is true that important pirate captains often wore more ornate outfits, the majority of pirates actually wore simple, loose, and warm clothing in order to be more and better prepared for their chosen deadly profession of pillage and murder.





Buccaneer Adult Jacket

Buccaneer Jacket Adult

The pirate accessories and outfits mostly developed in reaction to the everyday realities of the harsh life at sea, which even in the Caribbean sometimes featured windy days, in particular in hurricane season, as well as colder nights . . .

Ball And Chain

Pirates Bottle of Rum

Ball and Chain in Pirate Accessories

Pirates Bottle of Rum in pirates Accessories

First among the pirate accessories commonly sported by the freedom and wealth loving cutthroats was the sea jerkin. Such a pirate accessory was typically worn beneath a heavy wool coat. These sea jerkins were made from strong, quality twill weight cotton, and the pirates buttoned them up to keep warm.

White Buccaneer Shirt Adult

White Buccaneer Shirt Adult

Pirates also typically, though not always, wore a shift, or a looser fitting shirt. These featured open V shaped necklines.

They were typically woven from cotton to help keep the pirate warm against the windy days at sea.

Pirate Cutlass

Pirate Cutlass

Pirate Accessories Pirate Patch and Earring

Pirate Patch and Earring

Parrot Pirate

Parrot Pirate

Curly Character Wig – Black

Curly Character Wig - BlackPirate accessories which the sea dogs nearly always wore were their pants. Such pants were typically loose and comfortable, and often went down to just below the knees.

This allowed for greater ease of movement, fighting, climbing, and swinging on ropes to the ship being attacked.

Once again, these were typically made from a heavy cotton to help keep the pirate warm both day and night.




Pirate Purse

Pirate Purse

The truth is that many pirates went barefoot for surer footing on the often times rolling decks of a pirate ship.

A captain would commonly wear a heavy pair of buckled hard leather shoes or alternatively, occasionally strong leather boots.

Their socks were striped, as a number of pirate captains were noble men, and members of the nobility favored these colorful foot ware accessories.



Adjustable Skull Ring With Pewter Finish

Adjustable Skull Ring with Pewter Finish

Silver Skull Toggle Bracelet

Silver Skull Toggle Bracelet

Another pirate accessory that no self respecting pirate would be caught without was his crevatte. Interestingly enough, this crevatte possesses a long and distinguished history as the common, standard neck ware for sailors and pirates throughout the world. Such a neck piece would be worn like a simple scarf to protect from the drafts of cold weather, was also utilized as a handkerchief when necessary, and sometimes was employed as a makeshift doorag to keep the hot sun off of the person’s head. This neck piece was indispensable to pirates and is still sold with the pirate accessories today.

Pirate Dagger Belt Adult

Pirate Dagger Belt AdultRing Belt Renaissance Belt Collection

Ring Belt -Renaissance Adult CollectionA final common element featured in pirate outfits everywhere was the pirate belt, which is also still extremely popular today. Their belts were commonly wide and made from leather.

These belts typically featured a heavy leather baldric which ran across the chest.

The baldrics were used to hang guns and swords from, which proved to be very handy to have close by in a desperate and bloodthirsty battle with the enemy.

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